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Home again! June 15, 2009

Filed under: Guatemala,Mexico — goodbyekitty2007 @ 1:38 am

Slightly more civilised departure time today: 7.45 a.m. Nothing of note happened – I knitted my sock (the wrist is back in action), watched whatever videos I was being shown, looked out of the window and decided that Guatemala has by far the more spectacular landscape. I passed Mexican immigration without any problems, but I was slightly apprehensive about the Guatemalan side, after all the noises about my passport last time. The boss man wasn’t there, though, so the other two officials were all smiles. They couldn’t believe that I wasn’t married and one of them was even willing to get orthopaedic shoes to be taller (I played my usual “I would marry a Guatemalan but they’re all shorter than me” card). I may have jokingly promised to weave them some shirts, too, but according to my current plans I won’t be crossing the border there again, so it shouldn’t matter too much 😉 Anyhow, they let me back “home” with another 90 days to stay. Hooray!

Getting a bus back to Todos Santos proved more difficult. Rumour had it that the direct bus would be going back at 2.30, but to cut a long story short, that wasn’t the case. I wandered around La Mesilla cursing my shopping bags for a while and eventually took a minibus to the next town (the name of which permanently escapes me), where I essentially waited for some definite information. Of course, this being small-town Guatemala again (ah, how I missed it!) you can’t just sit by the side of the road and wait. I met Rolando, who comes from San Juan Atitán (which you might remember from previous blog posts) and runs a hardware shop (“ferreteria” in Spanish – I am *still* disappointed that has nothing to do with ferrets), so I was installed on a little plastic chair in said shop to watch Italy beat the USA while he tried to find out from various people what was happening to my bus. We also talked about Todos Santos and English football. I could have stayed there for hours . . . But there was no bus, so finally I bit the bullet and went to Huehue, where I changed to another minibus and went back to Todos Santos. (For the really interested: it looks like a huge detour on the map, but it doesn’t actually take much longer and only costs 10Q more.) It rained when I got in, but apparently nothing noteworthy had happened since I left. I love my pueblito.


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