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Internet! June 19, 2009

Filed under: Guatemala — goodbyekitty2007 @ 4:06 am

So, apparently I am now running an internet café as well as a school. Through various mysterious ways we have acquired four computers and a satellite on the roof – I’m really not entirely sure how this happened, but yesterday morning I was carrying hardware and furniture through the rain and then a man came to put all the cables and stuff in . . . and now one of our classrooms is an internet café. Good! It’s fast and it’s in my house – now if only it was wireless and I had my shiny precious . . . but I can’t have everything.

It hasn’t really translated into any more blogging (yet) though – I’ve been waaay too busy catching up on facebook and ravelry and twitter and the cricket and all the other wild and wonderful things that I didn’t have time and bandwidth for before. I’m more likely to respond to e-mails now, though. And I welcome suggestions for more procrastination.


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