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Plans August 6, 2009

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There have been complaints that I haven’t blogged for ages. True. I’ve been busy making escape plans instead! My replacement at the school has arrived, so I’ve been training her, and I’ve been booking and changing flight and train tickets. Here’s what’s going to happen:

11 August – leave Todos Santos
11 – 18 August – Nebaj, Antigua, Copán
18 – 19 August – fly from San Pedro Sula to Toronto via Miami & La Guardia
19 August – (probably) 2 September – Toronto, Montréal, Québec, Ottawa, Niagara Falls
2 – 8 September – New York, baby!
9 September – arrive London Heathrow.

Now you know.

If you want me to write anything else about Todos Santos: this is your last chance! Ask questions!


¡Hola! October 8, 2008

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I just thought I’d make sure I have a new blog for my next travel adventure . . . and here it is.

I’m still in London, getting everything ready. Me being me, this involves an insane amount of list making, errand running, packing and double checking. I love it!

For those of you who haven’t been bored to tears by my plans already, here is the rough idea:

I’m flying into San Francisco on 3rd November and out of New York on 26th March. I’ll be staying with my friend Paul near SF for a while, including the elections, Arsenal v Man U and a weekend in Yosemite! Then I’ll be making my way down south, via L.A. and San Diego, hopefully meeting up with Rachel (who I met in Indonesia) and James (who I hung out with in Norway many years ago). This brings me to Mexico – my former flatmate Javier has promised to tell me exactly where I need to go, so I’ll be relying on him. Into Central America proper from there . . . Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. I’ll be wriggling around, because I want to come back up to Mexico . . . and then fly from there to somewhere in the U.S. I’m going to see Aaron in New York (and check out that pizza Greg recommended this time!), Brian in Montreal and Yuri in Toronto . . . hopefully with the Niagara Falls thrown in on the way back.

Phew. By then the weather should have improved back home . . . 🙂